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Our boats represent great fishing values. They are built to offer many years of service and a used one can be very serviceable for many years assuming it has not been damaged or abused.

The primary issue with a used boat that may be several years old is the engine. There are significant unknowns related to operation and adequate service.

The engine generally represents 50% of the price of a boat, motor, and trailer package.

All of our boats are packaged with Yamaha Engines. Because it is a package, pricing is much better than buying a boat and motor separately.

Today' s Yamaha engines incorporate the latest technology for operating fuel efficiency and performance. Because we are a performance matched builder, components such as controls and gauges as well as selected other Yamaha parts have the same warranty time period as the new engine you are purchasing as part of the package.

A new boat package has a new boat warranty, new engine warranty, and a new trailer warranty.

Generally a new boat qualifies for a lower interest rate and longer terms than the financing for a used boat. Often a payment for a new boat can be less that for a used vessel.

A new boat offers a truly enjoyable experience. If boating and fishing are your passion or just spending time with your family and friends on the water, doing so in your new boat will be most rewarding.

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